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Havana is probably the most exciting city in Latin America managing to be both seedy and stylish. Havana owes its growth and prosperity to the almost natural perfection of its harbour. Interested in Havana? Please check the following links or travel to Havana with us! Book flights to Havana with Looking for a flight to Havana at a great price? offers international and domestic flights to Havana with very simple booking engine. There's no better way to book a flight to Havana, discount rental car or to find a hotel at a reasonable rate... all in a matter of seconds.
Flights to Havana To help you find your flights to Havana, see our routes:
Flights Schedule of Flights to Havana
Route Airline Flight No. Frecuency Departure Arrival
Baracoa - Havana Aerogaviota GTV685 Wednesday, Saturday
Cubana de Aviacion CU827 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Bayamo - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU815 Tuesday, Friday
Camagüey - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU853 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Holguin - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU973 Daily
Kingston - Havana Aerogaviota GTV6085 Monday, Friday
*Via Santiago de Cuba
Las Tunas - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU811 Wednesday, Saturday
Manzanillo - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU913 Wednesday
Moa - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU839 Monday, Thursday
Montego Bay - Havana Aerogaviota KG6081 Wednesday
*Via Holguin
Nueva Gerona - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU801 Daily
Santiago de Cuba - Havana Aerogaviota GTV6085 Monday, Friday
Cubana de Aviacion CU985 Daily