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ABOUT US - This website is operated by CUBA TRAVEL NETWORK, a division of CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK B.V. (with BTW/VAT number 8212.47.918 and Chamber of Commerce Number 34358068, subsidiary of CARIBBEAN TRAVEL NETWORK N.V.).

Each year we welcome tens of thousands of travelers from all over the world to Cuba, putting our experience, passion, and expertise to work for people like you.

Our goal is for you to truly experience Cuba. To be part of it, instead of just being a visitor. That’s why we work hard to provide you the options, flexibility, and nonstop assistance throughout your booking and during your stay.

As soon as you interact with one of our 40+ team members, you will find that each one of us has the knowledge and skills to advise you like no other travel company can. After all, most of us grew up in Cuba – it’s where we studied, raise our families, and work together towards our future.

Being in Cuba means that we are "on top" the action; we are often the first to know about a new hotel being opened, or a new tour being offered. Throughout the island we offer local assistance via our own representatives; we are all ways just one call away.

The website you are visiting right now was built in-house and you can rest assure that we use robust and 100% secure online booking and payment technologies.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Cuba Travel Network team.

Head Office:
Registration Number 93627
Landhuis Joonchi, Kaya Richard J Beaujon z/n
PO Box 837
IATA number 87800311

Subsidiary Office:
Alexander Boersstraat 60
1071 KZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
BTW/VAT number 8212.47.918. Chamber of Commerce Number 34358068

Caribbean Travel Network N.V. is a proud member of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).

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