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Aeroflot logo Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, commonly known as Aeroflot is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. The carrier operates domestic and international passenger services, mainly from its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport of Moscow.

IATA designator: SU
ICAO designator: AFL
IATA Category: -
Numeric Code: -
Aeroflot Practical Information › Check-in information
Aeroflot Russian Airlines recommends you to arrive at the check-in at least 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.

You can also check-In on-line or use the self-service check-in kiosk in the departure hall at the airport. Both are efficient methods, allowing the passenger less waiting time at the airport. Please don’t forget to print out your boarding pass when having checked in online, as well as to make a print when checking in at the self-service check-in kiosk.

If your luggage exceeds the free allowance by weight or dimensions you’ll have to pay additional fee which will lengthen your check-in time. Please don’t forget that the airport check in is over 40 minutes before the scheduled departure. Keep in mind you’ll have to pass security control and (in case of international flight) customs and immigration control. Please mind your timing. › Baggage Allowance
Carry-on baggage
Passengers are allowed to take into the cabin:
• Business, Premiere and President - 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 15 kg.
• Economy Class - 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 10 kg.

The overall dimensions of carry-on luggage for all classes of service must not exceed 115 cm (55×40×20).

Additionally, you can bring on board:
• a women’s or men’s handbag,
• a paper-folder,
• a bunch of flowers,
• outerwear,
• a laptop, a photo camera, a video camera,
• reading material,
• infant food (for feeding a child during the flight),
• a baby seat,
• a cell phone,
• crutches, stretcher and wheelchairs for passengers with limited mobility,
• Duty Free purchases (1 sealed shopping bag).
These items don’t need to be weighted, checked-in or marked by tags.

The passenger is responsible for his/her hand luggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance
Passenger’s baggage received by the airline for transportation under personal responsibility for its safety, labeled with a luggage tag and transported in the aircraft’s luggage compartment is supposed to be called the checked in baggage.

All the passenger baggage, including carry-on baggage must be presented at check-in.

Please note that the free baggage allowance depends on the direction of flight and class of service.
• Business class, all fare groups are allowed to check in 2 pieces without additional costs, not exceeding 32 kg in weight and the sum of the three dimensions of 158 cm.
• Economy Premium and Premium Comfort fare groups:, 2 pieces without additional costs, not exceeding 32 kg in weight and the sum of the three dimensions of 158 cm.
• Economy fares, other fare groups are allowed to check in 1 piece without additional costs, not exceeding 23 kg in weight and the sum of the three dimensions of 158 cm

These free baggage allowances apply for transportation throughout the entire route and provided that all the flights are made by Aeroflot. In case of codeshare flights with other airlines, baggage allowance conditions of the operating carrier will be applied.

› Forbidden articles
In compliance with Supplement No. 1 to the Pre-flight and Post-flight Inspection Rules at the airport, approved by Order No. 104 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on 25th of July, 2007, it is forbidden for passengers to transport the following dangerous substances and objects:
• Magnetized material
• Explosive substances and weapons
• Toxic and poisonous substances
• Highly flammable liquids
• Flammable hard substances
• Radioactive materials
• Compressed and liquefied gases
• Oxidizing substances such as mercury
• Oxidizers and organic peroxides
• Acidic and corrosive substances

The airport administration and airlines have the right to introduce new sanctions to improve flight safety standards, for which reason Aeroflot forbids the transportation of the following objects in the passenger cabin:
• Corkscrews;
• Needles for subcutaneous injections (if no medical justification is produced);
• Knitting needles;
• Scissors with a blade length of less than 60 mm;
• Travel knives, penknives with a blade length of less than 60 mm.

For complete and more detailed conditions we refer to the website of Aeroflot or to contact their offices directly. › Guidelines liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG) in hand luggage
Liquids, aerosols and gels must be packed in containers with a maximum capacity not exceeding 100ml. Containers must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag and must be presented separately for examination at the security screening point. One bag is allowed per passenger.
Aeroflot Cuba Flights Schedule

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