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Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela

Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela logo French company Aéropostale, then under the leadership of its owner Marcel Bouilloux-Lafont, decides to venture into Venezuela in 1929. In light of these conditions, Aeropostale viewed Venezuela as the ideal bridge to link South America with the Caribbean islands of Guadalupe and Martinique. This idea actually materialized on July 3, 1929.

IATA designator: VH
ICAO designator: LAV
Numeric Code: 559
Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela Cuba Flights No flights with Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela available at the moment. Please contact us to let us know how we can help you.
Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela Practical Information › Check-In Information
We recommend all our clients to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight departure, due to delays caused by the X-ray checks effected by the National Guard on all international flights.

In order to speed the passenger check-in at Maiquetía Airport we would appreciate your having the exact amounts handy for the departure taxes, consisting of 24.700 Bolívares for the domestic tax and 102.900 Bolívares for the international tax, this because of the difficulty for our airport agents in obtaining the necessary spare change, all which slows down the flight check-in; and to be able to provide you with a better service.

› Baggage Allowances
Checked Baggage:

Baggage whose custody corresponds exclusively to the transporter, which, when taken under its responsibility, issues a claim check. This check has two portions, one attached to the baggage and the other handed over to the passenger for its retrieval at final

Hand Baggage:

Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela allows its passengers to carry one (1) piece of hand baggage which must not exceed the permitted eight kilos of weight or the dimensions which would allow it to be placed in the overhead compartments.

Please bear in mind that our traffic agents, as well as our flight crew have the authority to request that your hand baggage be offloaded from the flight if it does not comply with the aforementioned specifications. We also suggest, at the moment of selecting your hand baggage, to take into consideration the other passengers who will also require an area in which to place their belongings in the aircraft.


Aeropostal will not be held responsible for items or documents listed as

Jewellery, Picture or Video Cameras, Walkmans, Compact Disks or Discmans, Personal Documents, Checks, Cash, Calculators, Liquor Bottles, Eyeglasses, Computers, Faxes, Cellular Phones, Batteries, Chargers, Porcelain China.

Passengers must take the necessary provisions to transport these as hand baggage. If unable because of volume or fragility, these should be sent as cargo and not as
checked baggage.

Dangerous Goods:

Defined as all items or substances which, when transported by air, can become and important risk to health, security, property and environment.

Aeropostal does not transport dangerous goods.

The following are not to be packed in your baggage:

  • Explosives or Weapons
  • Gases
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable Solids
  • Substances which represent risks because of spontaneous combustion
  • Substances which when in contact with water emit flammable gases
  • Flammable substances
  • Organic peroxides
  • Poisonous (toxic) or Infectious substances
  • Radioactive Material
  • Corrosive material
  • Other Dangerous Substances
  • Any Substance or Objects which could represent unforeseen danger in the aforementioned categories

  • Recommendations:

    Identify your baggage with your personal information. Place valuable items in your hand baggage. Make sure your baggage is locked. Remove your baggage promptly at flight arrival. Make your baggage complaint to the airline personnel immediately if your baggage did not arrive on the same flight.

    Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela History Despite its new Venezuelan ownership, Aeropostal continued to be run by French personnel under the direction of Robert Guérin until January 1, 1935, when its name was changed to Línea Aeropostal Venezolana (LAV) and operations shifted to Venezuelan hands under the management of commander Francisco Leonardi. By 1994 commercial operations had been closed as part of a government effort to trim expenses. This resulted in the company being sold to the CORPORACION ALAS DE VENEZUELA in 1996, a fully private company that re-started operations on January 7, 1997.

    Today, AEROPOSTAL ALAS DE VENEZUELA has become a model for commercial aviation in Venezuela. It has captured the lion’s share of the flying public through on-time performance, security and service. Nothing short of this would have done justice to the tradition of excellence in service transmitted to us through generations.
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