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American Airlines logo American Airlines entered the airline business in 1927 dedicated to providing the most reliable air travel. American Airlines serves 250 destinations throughout the United States, Asia, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean and Canada. With more than 3,600 daily departures, American Airlines has proven itself as a leader in world travel.

IATA designator: AA
ICAO designator: AAL
IATA Category: I
Numeric Code: 001
American Airlines Practical Information › Check-In Information
American Airlines suggest that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your departure time to allow sufficient time to complete all necessary processing and documentation but, if you are returning from Delhi, India, we recommend that you check in 3.5 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. › Dangerous articles
The following items are either prohibited from being carried on or classified as dangerous goods or weapons which are restricted for transport by air and will be confiscated by the TSA:

Fireworks: Signal flares, sparklers or other explosives

Flammable Liquids or Solids: Fuel, paints, gas torches (including micro-torches and torch lighters).

Household Items: Bleach, spray starch, insecticides, drain cleaners and solvents

Pressure Containers: Spray cans, butane, fuel, propane tanks, CO2 cartridges, self-inflating rafts

Weapons: Firearms, Ammunition, gunpowder, mace, tear-gas, or pepper spray Other Hazardous Materials: Dry ice, gasoline-powered tools, wet-cell batteries, camping equipment with fuel, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious substances

Scissors and Tools: Metal scissors with a cutting edge of four inches or less and tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers smaller than seven inches will be allowed on board. Scissors longer than four inches and tools such as crowbars, drills, hammers, and saws will continue to be prohibited from carry-on bags.

Miscellaneous Items: (These items may be checked, but NOT carried on-board.) Knives of any length (except rounded blade butter knives and plastic cutlery), cutting instruments of ANY kind including carpet knives, box cutters and folding or retractable blades regardless of length, ice picks, straight razors (safety/disposable razors ARE allowed), and self-heating meals.
American Airlines History American Airlines developed from a conglomeration of about 82 small airlines through a series of corporate acquisitions and reorganizations. Initially, the name American Airways was used as a common brand by a number of independent air carriers. These included Southern Air Transport in Texas, Southern Air Fast Express (SAFE) in the western US, Universal Aviation in the Midwest, which operated a transcontinental air/rail route in 1929, and Colonial Air Transport in the Northeast.

On January 25, 1930, American Airways was incorporated as a single company, with routes from Boston, New York and Chicago, Illinois to Dallas, and a transcontinental route from Dallas to Los Angeles. The airline operated its routes with all-metal Fokker Trimotors and Ford Trimotors. In 1934 American began flying Curtiss Condor biplanes fitted with sleeping berths.
American Airlines Cuba Flights Schedule

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