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Cubana de Aviacion

Cubana de Aviacion logo Cubana de Aviación S.A is the leading airline of Cuba. It is in charge of passengers' transportation, cargo and mail transportation.

IATA designator: CU
ICAO designator: CUB
IATA Category: I
Numeric Code: 123
Cubana de Aviacion Cuba Flights To help you find your Cuba flights with Cubana de Aviacion, see our routes:
Cubana de Aviacion Practical Information › Check-In Information
The passenger should be at the check-in department two hours before the departure time in the case of domestic flights. In the case of international flights sometimes the passenger should be there three hours before. The sale representatives have to previously inform the passenger the time to be there.

The VIP passenger will check-in at the position assigned for first class passengers. He will be accompanied to the VIP room and he will be treated as it corresponds. If the passenger arrives late to the airport he has no rights over the previously confirmed reservation. All the expenses go to the passenger.

Airport Tax
The payment of the airport tax is not included in the flight ticket. The passenger has to pay it at the airport, at the office assigned for that purpose. It is done before boarding the plane. › Baggage Allowances
The baggage allowed franchise for children and adults is: - Tropical Class: 30 Kgs (66 pounds) - Tourist Class: 20 Kgs (44 pounds)

The allowed franchise includes both the invoiced baggage and the uninvoiced one. Cubana does not have any responsibility for the uninvoiced baggage. The passenger is the one to take care of it.

The allowed items included in the personal weight of the passenger are clearly stated in the plane ticket; among them, lady's purses, photographic cameras.

Cabin Baggage
The cabin baggage (uninvoiced) is the one that the passenger carries with him beside the allowed items that are under his care in the plane cabin. Its weight is included in the allowed franchise. It can not be accepted if it does not have a label and if it weights more than 5 Kgs. Its size has to correspond with the space under the seat. That is, the sum of the three dimensions can not be more than 115 cms (45 inches).

If the baggage (invoiced and uninvoiced) weights more than what a franchise states, then the excess weight should be paid. This does not include the allowed items. › Baggage Acceptance
Cubana does not have any responsibility:
- For broken or damaged baggage, fragile or inappropriate packing.
- If the baggage shape, weight or volume obstructs the handling and damages the rest of the baggage or the structure of the plane. This baggage can be cleared as cargo.
- Over fragile and perishable items.

Money, jewerly and valuable documents can not be invoiced. The passenger should take them with him, under his custody and responsibility. › Forbidden Articles in your Hand Baggage
  • Compressed gases
  • Alkaline acids
  • Humid batteries
  • Explosives
  • Inflammable materials (combustible for lighters, etc)
  • Oxidant materials (peroxides, decolorants, etc)
  • Poisons and infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Mercury, magnetizing materials
  • Firearms
  • Cutting and puncturing items of any kind (including razors)
› Reconfirming the Reservation
  • The passenger should reconfirm his return or continuation reservation in Cubana offices. He has to do so if he stops his journey for more than 72 hours at any stage of his trip. If he does not do it, the reservation can be cancelled.
  • Passengers in the waiting list can be confirmed or cancelled.
  • Passenger's duplicated reservation can be cancelled if it is necessary.
  • The reservation has a dead line for its confirmation and ending with the purchase of the plane ticket. The salesperson should respect what is established.
› Guidelines liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG) in hand luggage
Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers with a maximum capacity not exceeding 100ml. Containers must be packed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag; one bag is allowed per passenger and must be presented separately for examination at the security screening point.
Cubana de Aviacion History Cubana de Aviacion was founded on October 8th, 1929. It is one of the first ones opening the era of commercial flights. From the very beginnings it has been characterized by the constant improvement of its services. It is a founder and member of the International Association of Air Transportation (IATA), the International Association of Aeronautical Telecommunications (SITA) and of the International Association of Latin American Air Transportation (AITAL).
Cubana de Aviacion Cuba Flights Schedule
Route Airline Flight No. Frecuency Departure Arrival
Baracoa - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU827 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Bayamo - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU815 Tuesday, Friday
Camagüey - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU853 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Havana - Baracoa Cubana de Aviacion CU826 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Havana - Bayamo Cubana de Aviacion CU814 Tuesday, Friday
Havana - Camagüey Cubana de Aviacion CU852 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Havana - Holguin Cubana de Aviacion CU972 Daily
Havana - Las Tunas Cubana de Aviacion CU810 Wednesday, Saturday
Havana - Manzanillo Cubana de Aviacion CU912 Wednesday
Havana - Moa Cubana de Aviacion CU838 Monday, Thursday
Havana - Nueva Gerona Cubana de Aviacion CU800 Daily
Havana - Santiago de Cuba Cubana de Aviacion CU984 Daily
Holguin - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU973 Daily
Las Tunas - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU811 Wednesday, Saturday
Manzanillo - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU913 Wednesday
Moa - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU839 Monday, Thursday
Nueva Gerona - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU801 Daily
Santiago de Cuba - Havana Cubana de Aviacion CU985 Daily