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Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo Airport, Baracoa

Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo airport  
General Information
Airport Code: BCA
Airport Name: Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo
Country: Cuba
City: Baracoa
Address: Baracoa, Guantánamo, Cuba
Telephone: (53) 21 42580 - 42216
Runway Length: 1850
Runway Elevation: 8

Baracoa's Gustavo Rizo Airport is a small airport serving mainly domestic flights.
Flights from/to this airport To help you find your Cuba flights from/to Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo, Baracoa see our routes:
Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo Airport Description Baracoa's Airport Gustavo Rizo is a small airport located west of the bay near Hotel Porto Santo and about 4 km (2 1/2 miles) NNW of downtown Baracoa.
Airlines serving Baracoa - Gustavo Rizo Airport Cubana de Aviacion... and more