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Cuba Destinations - Havana Havana
Founded in the 16th century by Spanish explorers and clergy, feared and plagued by pirates, and subsequently occupied by the USA prior to the revolution, today Havana – “The City of Columns” – is an ancient capital in a developing country.

Cuba Destinations - Varadero Varadero
Aaaahhh, Varadero. Cuba’s #1 beach destination has the tendency to provoke a reaction of total relaxation. With kilometers of powdery white sand and dozens of all-inclusive resorts, head here to unplug and wind down.

Cuba Destinations - Cayo Largo Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo, an islet blessed with an almost continuous stretch of pristine beach, satisfies even the deepest cravings for sun, sand, and relaxation. Even the sea turtles agree: the beaches here host egg-laying turtles every season.
Cuba Destinations - Cienfuegos City Cienfuegos City
Situated in the southern central region of the island and offering a distinct attraction for tourists including fundamental highlights such as its many water-based activities, and its rich historic and cultural traditions, Cienfuegos province is today included as a must-stop city to visit for those who are touring the country.
Cuba Destinations - Santa Clara Santa Clara
Santa Clara is a lively provincial city with an attractive central park (Park Vidal). It’s famous for its connection to Ernesto Che Guevara who, in December 1958, directed the attacked on an armored train that belonged to the army of General Fulgencio Batista. This action marked the end of the control of the dictator over the island.
Cuba Destinations - Cayo Las Brujas Cayo Las Brujas
‘Good things come in small packages’ according to the old saying, and this beach – one of Cuba’s most beautiful and unspoiled – on Cayo Las Brujas, proves it’s true.

Cuba Destinations - Cayo Coco Cayo Coco
Cayo Coco is a tropical paradise-turned-beach-resort, notable for its preservation and protection of the surrounding ecosystem. It makes a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of today’s world.
Cuba Destinations - Camaguey City Camaguey City
A big city with a small town’s heart, Camagüey – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is a lovely spot to wander (and get lost!) meet locals, and soak up the colonial atmosphere.
Cuba Destinations - Las Tunas Las Tunas
Las Tunas, in northeastern Cuba, is famous for its off-the-beaten track, pristine beaches (Covarrubias) and its strong country folk music and dance traditions.
Cuba Destinations - Holguin Holguin
Blessed with a phenomenal coastline and some of the country’s best beaches, Holguín province – the fourth-largest in Cuba – is a classic destination for mixing culture and nature.
Cuba Destinations - Granma Province Granma Province
While many destinations vie for the distinction, Granma Province, in Cuba’s southeastern region, is one of the island’s most historically significant. It also boasts an inviting capital, Bayamo, and natural wonders including a volcanic beach.
Cuba Destinations - Santiago de Cuba City Santiago de Cuba City
Known as the ‘Heroic City’, Santiago de Cuba, the island’s second-largest city after Havana, is jam packed with historical sites, traditional music and genuine Caribbean warmth. It’s no wonder some prefer it over all other Cuban cities.
Cuba Destinations - Guantanamo Guantanamo
Guantánamo is the easternmost province of Cuba. It’s a mountainous region with marked climate contrasts, and unique in that you can find the only semi-desert zone on the island here. More than 900 kilometers separate Havana from this area where Baracoa, the First City of Cuba, can be found. The city of Our Lady of the Assumption of Baracoa was founded in 15ll by the Spanish Governor Diego Velázquez and was converted into the first capital and first bishopric of Cuba.
Cuba Destinations - Baracoa Baracoa
Travelers from around the globe agree: seaside Baracoa is one of Cuba’s friendliest and most captivating towns. Since it could only be accessed via the sea until 1964, it has retained a unique identity, culture and cuisine.
Cuba Destinations - Isla de la Juventud Isla de la Juventud
Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) has been reborn as an island paradise! It is free of mass tourism and is bountiful with natural resources, both underwater and above sea level. For a long time, until the Triumph of the Revolution, one was sent here as a punishment. Today, it is certainly a reward to visit Isla de la Juventud!
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